1.  BECOME A “LIBRARIAN”: Interview the Woodland center clients that have children in their household from newborn through age 5 and give them a free age appropriate book for each child in their household.

2.  INSERT “BOOKMARKS”: We have written and printed short 1/3 page instruction for the proper way to use the various age appropriate books. It’s important that parents or guardians of children know how best to use the different books for their child’s current age.

3.  CLASSIFIER: Learn how to classify children’s books. It’s important that we don’t give the wrong book to children. If we gave a book too difficult for the child to read, it would DISCOURAGE them from learning to read.

4.  BE A “BOOKIE”: Run children’s book drives at your church, temple, school, social service agency, etc. Collect books for newborn through age 5. Deliver them to the Woodland pantry.

5. BE A SEEDS SUSTAINER: We need the financial support of people like YOU who understand how this program will be a significant influence in stopping generational poverty. Help in any amount to cover costs of collecting books, sorting, printing “bookmarks”, posters, poster stands, book carts, and pantry administrative costs. We ask you to please push the DONATE button and become a sustaining supporter by pledging $5, $10 or whatever you can, on a monthly basis. Your generosity is vital to the continuance of this SEEDS program.   We would be grateful for anything you can do to help us STOP GENERATIONAL POVERTY.

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